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Multi UV Foundation SPF 35PA++ - 30ml

For Oily And Any Skin type - 适合油性和任何肌肤

Nano Hydro Oxygen Cream - 60ml

For Dry,Oily & Normal Skin - 适合干性,油性及正常肌肤

Hydro Oxygen Cream - 50gm

For Oil, All Skin Tybe - 油性,任何肌肤

Lifting Eye Cream - 25gm

For Any Eye Problem - 适合任何眼睛的问题

Purifying Cream - 30gm

For Oily & Pimple Skin - 适合皮肤: 油性和暗疮皮肤

Purifying Essence - 30gm

For Oily & Acne Skin - 适合油性及暗疮肌肤

Repair Serum - 30ml

For Dry, Combination and Damaged Skin - 适合干性,混合性肌肤及受损肌肤

White Serum - 30ml

For All Skin Type - 适合所有类型的皮肤

24hrs Moist Mask - 65ml

适合干性和老化肌肤 Suitable For Dry And Aging Skin

Lifting Eye Cream - 20gm

For Any Eye Problem - 适合任何眼睛的问题

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