24hrs Moist Mask - 65ml


适合干性和老化肌肤 Suitable For Dry And Aging Skin

功效:美白Whitening,滋润Moisturizing, 保湿Hydrating,荣光焕发Radiant


富含多种植物提取物和精华液,使用时更自然温和,易于吸收, 为肌肤锁住水分,改善干性肌肤,使肌肤焕发润泽光彩, 让肌肤呈现嫩白光滑,多次使用效果更佳。

A variety of cutting-edge plant extracts and essences are more natural and gentle when used, easy to absorb, lock in moisture for the skin, improve dry skin, make the skin radiant and shiny, make the skin white and smooth, and the effect is better after repeated use.


使用方法:取适量本品涂抹于脸部,颈部和手部, 轻揉按摩至吸收即可。

Direction:Take an appropriate amount of this product and apply it on the face, neck and hands, gently massage until absorbed.



- 水解小麦蛋白Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein: 具有保湿,抗氧化及柔软细化皮肤, 有特别滋润成分,改善皱纹It has moisturizing, anti-oxidation and softening and thinning of the skin, with special moisturizing ingredients to improve wrinkles

- 积雪草Asiatica: 紧致表皮与真皮链接,使皮肤变柔软, 帮助促进真皮层中胶原蛋白形成,令肌肤紧致的效果 Tighten the tecture of skin which able to connect with dermis,able to soften the skin,where else can help dermis to produce more collagen.

- 黄芩Scutellaria Baicalensis:黑色素细胞有极高的压制活性, 也是新一代的安全高效的美白,治痤疤,抗敏有效 Melanocytes have a very high compression activity and also a new generation of safe and effective whitening,anti-allergic,anti- allergy effective

- 迷迭香Rosmarinus Officinalis:对细胞损伤有保护作用,抗过敏,抗氧化 Protects against cell damage,anti allergic,anti-oxidation

- 海藻糖Trehalose:具有保护人体纤维细胞对抗缺水现象, 同时更替细胞内流失的水分以保留皮肤的自然结构。 作为有效保湿剂,帮助于恶劣环境压力中的皮肤对抗水分流失, 以保持水嫩肌肤It protects human fibroblasts from dehydration and replaces the water lost in the cells to preserve the natural structure of the skin.As an effective moisturizer,it helps the skin in harsh environmental stress to resist moisture loss to maintain supple skin

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