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White Cream - 30gm

For All Skin Type - 适合所有类型的皮肤


  • 淡化斑点Fade Spots
  • 还原肌肤白质Restores skin white matter
  • 均匀肤色Even skin tone

富含多种植物提取液精华,深入润泽肌肤,强化细胞锁水能力,改善肤质,令粗糙晦暗的肌肤展现水润光彩。特别添加天然活性植物酵素配合多种美白植物原液,更能发挥极致的美白作用,帮助净白、均匀肤色,并淡化肌肤瑕疵,持久保持美白活性,逐渐还原肌肤白皙的质感。Enriched with a variety of plant extracts, it deeply moisturizes the skin, strengthens the cell's ability to lock water, improves the skin texture, and gives the rough and dull skin a radiant glow. Specially added natural active plant enzymes and a variety of whitening plant stocks, can play the ultimate whitening effect, help whitening, even skin tone, and lighten skin blemishes, maintain whitening activity for a long time, and gradually restore the skin's white texture.



Direction:After cleansing dry skin, apply directly to the area where the skin needs to be covered. Gently tap with your fingertips to evenly blend the concealer with the skin.


活性成分Active Ingredients:

  • 山茱萸/Cornus Officinalis 
  • 川芎油/Ligusticum Chuanxiong 
  • 圆叶当归/Angelica Archangelica 
  • 卵磷脂/Lecithin 
  • 柠檬酸/Citric Acid 




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