Purifying Cream - 30gm

For Oily & Pimple Skin - 适合皮肤: 油性和暗疮皮肤

Function 功效:

  • 净化肌肤 Purify the skin
  • 黑头粉刺 Blackhead acne
  • 淡化色素 Lightening pigment
  • 消炎止痒 Anti-inflammatory and itching
  • 细致毛孔 Fine pores


Intensive acne cream is the perfect sebum regulator that is able to control acne problems. Contains deep-clarifying properties thus, pores kept clean and germ-free thus discourages breakouts and acne.

Direction 用法:
Cleanse skin thoroughly before applying sparingly on the area to be treated. Apply in the morning, evening and after cleansing.

Special Direction 特别注意用法:
The first time you use the first three days, it takes about 10 minutes to apply, and the skin will break down and secrete oil. It needs to be cleaned or wiped off on the surface of the skin, and I can be applied back.


Active Ingredients 活性成分:

番石榴/Psidium Guajava

黑茶藨子/Ribes Nigrum L.


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