Nano Soothing Essence 10pcs(1box)

适合敏感及所有类型肌肤For Sensitive & All Skin Type


  • 敏感Sensitive



Enriched with soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients to effectively soothe and calm the redness and irritated skin.It provides anti-oxidant and moisturizing effects.Regular usage will give you a soft and radiant complexion.




After cleanse and tone the face,apply an appropriate amount over face and neck.Then gently massage until complete absorption.Apply morining and night.


Active Ingredients活性成分:

  • 牛奶蛋白提取物/Milk Protein Extract
  • 谷胱甘肽/Glutatione
  • 薄荷提取物/Mentha Arvensis Extract
  • 透明质酸钠/Sodium Hyaluronate

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