Hydro Oxygen Cream - 50gm

For Oil, All Skin Tybe - 油性,任何肌肤

Function 功效:

  • 滋润 Moisturizing
  • 保湿 Hydrating


  • 适合增加水化皮肤变亮
  • 激活肌肤能量和促进抗氧化剂
  • 维持胶原蛋白的生产和修复紧致肌肤
  • 减少面部细纹和皱纹平滑

This product features an Advanced Moisture Complex (AMC), which is a proprietary blend of moisturizer ingredients that provides a long-lasting moisturizing effect up to 24hours on the desired area. Not only contains antioxidant grape polyphenols but also has hyaluronic acid with hydrating effect for quick replenish moisture to skin.

  • Increase Hydration skin to be brightened
  • Activate skin energy and promote to antioxidant
  • Maintain collage production repair and firm skin
  • Reduce facial lines and smoothen wrinkles

Direction 用法:
After thorough clean face flesh, takes right amount in saves face wipes and massages gently to the absorption.

Active Ingredients 活性成分:
Grape Polyphenols Hyaluronic Acid, Olive Oil

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