Botanical Milk Cleanser - 165ml

For All Skin Type - 适合所有类型的皮肤

Function 功效:

  • 有效卸妆 Effective Makeup Remover
  • 多余油脂 Excess Grease
  • 紧实肌肤 Firm Skin

Gentle and mild ingredients leave skin clean and refreshing. Suitable for dry and mature skin used in makeup remover, it slightly firms sagging skin, keeps skin looking youthful and radiant.

Direction 用法:
Squeeze a small amount on your palm, apply to face and message to dissolve dirt, oil and make-up. Rinse off with water.

 Active Ingredients活性成分:

  •  锦葵萃取物/Mallow Extract
  • 黄瓜萃取物/Cucumber Extract
  •  牛蒡萃取物/Burdock Extrack
  • 矢车菊萃取物/ Cornflower Extract
  • 三沙氯/Triclosan
  • 薰衣草精油/ Lavender Essential Oil
  • 尤加利精油/Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  • 甜橙精油/ Orange Essential Oil
  • 天竺葵精油 /Geranium Essential Oil
  • 丝柏精油 /Cypress Essential Oil
  • 檀香精油/ Sandalwood Essential Oil

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