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Bio-Light Serum - 30ml

For Dry, Aging Skin Types 适合干性, 老化肌肤


  • 焕发亮丽Radiant
  • 防止皱纹Prevent Wrinkles
  • 结实Solid
  • 抗敏感Anti-Sensitive
  • 保湿Moisturizing



Contains the hydrolysis of Codonopsis pilosula and collagen and root extracts. A variety of new ingredients make the skin soft, easy to absorb, light and knee, improve the smooth and rough skin of the skin, make the skin smooth and fair, soft and supple.



Direction: After cleansing the face, apply it evenly on the face and other areas that require care. Gently massage until fully absorbed. It can be applied more frequently in the previous period.


活性成分Active Ingredients:

  • 细小裸藻/Euglena Gracilis 
  • 膜荚黄芪/Astragalus Membranaceus 
  • 党参/Codonopsis Pilosula 
  • 甘草/Glycyrrhiza Uralensis 
  • 海藻糖Trehalose 


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